Artikel #3: Sales Coaching Done Right

Sales Coaching Done Right

Written by Mike Galvin

We so often hear that 80% of what we learn in a sales training session is lost in 90 days if not reinforced. The statistics may vary slightly but the point is the same. As sales trainers and managers we must continually impress upon our sales reps the use of what they’ve learned in a training session in order to reinforce key behaviors that lead to more deals closed and ultimately a better bottom line for the organization. Sales coaching,
when done properly, is a perfect way to reinforce. Most of us are familiar with the term sales coaching but all too often it is thought of as a pipeline/funnel inspection.

To ensure that we are all on the same page I’ll provide a definition of sales coaching. Having worked at the American Society for Training & Development for two-and-a-half years, I’m very familiar with their Sales Coaching for Business Impact certificate program. A key tenet is that sales coaching must bring out the best in each sales rep and tie that improvement directly to revenue generation. The key to doing this it to “draw out” (the best in your player) and not “put in.” What exactly does this mean?

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